Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Indirectly if they appreciate the girl's beauty,  they are the most lovable man in the world. 

Have u loved ever before.... don't ask this question,  then u r out....The girl will thought you are not believing her.  Never ever ask this question... OK

Girls are more possess.  They won't allow their guy to talk or see other girls.  If you see den sorry to say u are not a lovable person.

But present situation changed,  Most of the people loving for just like that.  But that and all not a love.

A JOKE between two boys (both's love failed)

1st boy asked the second one why your love broken,,  he told, she vanished my bank balance by giving missed calls......    Can we laugh or cry................

Be a lovable boy and win the life.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Most of the cancer patient's are getting cured by doing operation.
But a baby in her mother's tummy got operated.  It is amazing... Hats off to doctors...

A lady Tommy belongs to London, she did scan to see the growth of her baby.  While doing they found that the baby is girl and the doctors found that the baby is having cancer cells on her mouth and the doctors did operation and removed the cells from her mouth.

The mom named the baby as LAINA, she will come to the world in 5 months time.  The doctors said that only 20 years once like this cancer to the baby will come.  However the baby will not live long.

The mom Tommy told while doing the operation, she saw bubbles from the baby's mouth.

Hats of to doctors and hats off to the technology.

We all pray for the long live of the baby Laina.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Most of the people love to see base ball.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Most of the people doesn't like to eat curd rice.  But any preparation served with delight can be consumed fast.  Like wise, Curd rice can also be consumed with fruits.


Rice  .. 250 gms
Apple ..1 no.
Banana .. 1 no.
Pomegranate .. 1 no.
Grapes .. 100 gms
Grated carrot .. 1 cup
Fresh curd .. 2 cups
Salt .. a pinch

After the washing the rice, add 1 cup rice with 5 cups of water and put it in cooker and allow for 5 whistle.

Cut the Banana in to small pieces

Keep aside the Pomegranate's pearls

Cut the apple in a triangle shape

Keep the Grapes in to half.

Open the cooker and smash the rice and add salt, curd,and all the fruits and finally carrot pieces and mix and serve hot hot hot..... Wow... the aroma..... amazing.......

If you do like this your children daily ask you the Curd rice with fruit as a lunch.....

Which is good for health too....


Prepare FRUIT CURD RICE......