Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Aradhana: Directed by Shakti Samanta and released in 1969, the film is a remake of the Hollywood flick 'To Ëach His Own'. Rajesh Khanna shot to fame playing a dashing young pilot in 'Aradhana'. His role in the movie cemented his image as a romantic hero in Bollywood. This was the first time Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore came together on the silver screen which made them the one of the most romantic pairs of all time. Rajesh Khanna doubled up as Arun and Suraj in the movie. 'Aradhana' had all the ingredients of a blockbuster as the movie had the right dosage of drama, emotion, brilliant acting and superb music.

As I am not so interested in Hindi movie, One of my friend 

gave me DVD of  old Hindi film.   I just throw the DVD 

and went for other work.   Yesterday I want to put some 

songs, I put this DVD thought it was the Tamil song, 

When  the film started I thought of shutting down, but  you 

donot believe I saw this film  more than 5 times. 

Wow... what a wonderful movie, then searched through net 

and found the romantic hero is Rajesh Khanna and now he

is counting his days.  I was speechless.  And now the hero 

is no more in this world.......

We all Love you hero...........

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