Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It is a well known fact that we are giving importance to the easily available things.  In that the HOT WATER is also one.  

I am giving below the benefits of HOT WATER.

** A very good medicine for constipation.  If you cannot go easily you can drink hot water daily .
** If you ate some oil items then you cannot do any work continuously. some uneasiness will come.  At that time drink hot water slowly.  Within 30 minutes you feel very comfort.
** Which is a very good controller of cholesterol
** If you are suffering from body pain take hot water bath and drink hot water and go for sleep.  You feel fresh when you wake up.
** After coming from hot sun never drink ice / cold water.  Always go for hot water which can control your thirsty.

** Which is a very good medicine for Asthma patients.  Whenever they feel like drinking water let them drink hot water.

Drink hot water and keep your body cool and fit.

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