Thursday, December 20, 2012


Mahadevan .. who is very well known as husband of The famous classical vocalist Nithyasree Mahadevan's husband committed suicide by jumping into the Adyar from the Kotturpuram bridge near their home in Chennai on Thursday afternoon.

Police said Mahadevan reached the bridge in his white Honda City, driven by his driver, around 1pm.

"He apparently asked the driver to stop the car and stepped out, talking on his mobile phone," said a policeman at the scene.

"People who saw him jump off the bridge into the river called the fire and rescue service."

Rescue personnel pulled him out and an ambulance took him to a private hospital around 1.30pm. Soon, doctors in the hospital declared him dead.

The news came as a shock to the city which has been celebrating the annual 
Margazhi music festival.

Nithyasree, who has been performing at various sabhas this year, was to give a performance on Thursday evening at the Rama Rao Kalyana Mantap as part of the margazhi festival. She is the granddaughter of D K Pattammal, considered one of the Female Trinity of Carnatic music, along with M S Subbulakshmi and M L Vasanthakumari.

Around 2.30pm, a few policemen visited Nithyasree at her house in Kotturpuram. Ten minutes later, one of the couple's daughters was brought from her school. The girl was seen running into the house, crying. Relatives and family friends have been visiting the house since the incident.

Whatever be the reason.... Is Mahadevan had not thought of his children.

Very very sad news.....

Saturday, December 1, 2012

LOVE OR LUST ...........

Love or lust .. what you have on me...........!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking thinking thinking after reading your mail..............!!!!!!!!!!!

It gave me a jerk................but what is this........ is it love or lust...............???????

signs of lust

***totally focused on the person's look and body
***interested in having sex but not in having conversation.....
***keep the relationship on a fantasy level not discuss real feeling
***leave soon after sex rather than cuddling 
*** lovers but not  friends.

signs of love

***  wants to spend quality time together other than sex
*** get lost in conversation and forget about the hours.
*** wants to listen honestly each others feeling and make each other's happy
*** motivates to be a better person
*** wants to get to meet his or her family or friends .

I decided it is lust.

stop stop ..... it will ruin the life.

so get away.

bye bye bye......................