Monday, December 16, 2013


Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Leone, Sachine 

Joshi, Raina Sachin Joshi, Kanchi Kaul,

Shabbir Ahluwalia,  Murli Sharma,

Makrand Deshpande and Kaizad Gustad 

among others were present at the Premiere 

Show of Jackpot.

"Thanks to all my friends who came out

for the premier of Jackpot" it is truly a 

blessing to so many who support me and 

the film"  Sunny Leone tweeted after returns

from Bollywood Screens with Jackpot.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Most of all the salaried  people contribute a certain percentage of their salary towards their Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account every month. While most of us know that EPF is an effective tool that helps generate a corpus for life post retirement, many of us are unaware that you can make a withdrawal from your EPF account for urgent cash requirements.
However, an EPF account cannot be treated like any other saving bank account implying that there are certain specified criteria under which withdrawal is permitted from an EPF account. An individual needs to furnish all relevant documents and satisfy the necessary requirements in order to be eligible for premature withdrawal of EPF.
Here are the categories and other details with respect to premature withdrawal from EPF.
Reasons for Premature EPF Withdrawal
ReasonRequirementAmount allowed to be withdrawnNo. of times permitted
Education or marriage
  1. The employee should have completed at least 7 years of employment or service.
  2. Withdrawal allowed for self, sibling(s) or children’s marriage.
  3. Withdrawal permitted for self or children’s education only.
  4. Proof of the education or wedding required to be submitted, such as a valid copy or a bonafide certificate of the payable fees or the wedding invitation
  5. In case of education, the individual needs to apply in Form 31 through his/her employer.
50% of the total corpus amount till datePermitted thrice only during a person’s total service tenure
Medical treatment
  1. Withdrawal permitted for medical treatment of self, spouse, parents and children.
  2. There is no restriction regarding the number of years of service.
  3. The proof of hospitalization for a month or more along with an approved leave certificate from the employer for the corresponding period needs to be produced.
  4. The member needs to obtain and deposit a certificate from the employer or ESI stating that ESI facility is not accessible or available to him/her.
  5. A certified proof or document of the disease should be submitted in Form 31 while applying for withdrawal.
6 times the monthly salary of an individual or the total corpus amount, whichever is lesserAnytime
Purchase of a plot
  1. Should have completed at least 5 years of service.
  2. The plot or property should be registered in the person’s or his/her spouse’s name or should be owned jointly.
  3. The plot should not be entangled in any legal issues and the agreement registered under the Indian Registration Act with the Flat Promoter needs to be submitted along with the application form.
Up to 24 times the salary of the individualOnce during entire service tenure
Construction or purchase of a flat, house or plot
  1. Should have completed at least 5 years of service.
  2. The house should be registered in the person’s or his/her spouse’s name or should be owned jointly.
36 times the monthly salary of the individualOnce during entire service tenure
Repayment of Home Loan
  1. Should have completed at least 10 years of employment.
  2. The house should be registered in the person’s or his/her spouse’s name or should be owned jointly.
36 times the monthly salary of the individualOnce during entire service tenure
Alteration or Renovation of house
  1. Should have completed at least 5 years of service.
  2. The house should be registered in the person’s or his/her spouse’s name or should be owned jointly.
Up to 12 times the individual’s monthly salaryOnce during entire service tenure
  1. The individual must be at least 54 years old.
90% of the total corpus amountOnce during entire service tenure
Withdrawal from EPF after leaving an Organization
On switching jobs, an employee can apply for transfer of money from the EPF account through a form which is filled by the employee and attested by the designated authority at the employer.
Withdrawal of money from the account in between two jobs is illegal and is permissible only under the following two circumstances:
  • When a member is in between two jobs
  • If the member has been unable to find another job for over two months
Grievance related to withdrawal from EPF
There is a mechanism to address grievances of EPF members which comes under the Consumer Protection Act. To report a grievance, a member needs to:
  • Log on to the website
  • Click Register Grievance
  • Enter the details and information in the specified field.
All grievances related to the following subjects can be addressed to the grievance cell:
  • Withdrawal or final settlement of EPF
  • Scheme certificate
  • Transfer of accumulated PF amount
  • Issuance of PF balance or slip
  • Return or misplacement of cheque
  • Payment of insurance benefit
EPF is the corpus that helps build financial stability post retirement. It is, therefore, advisable to leave the amount undisturbed during employment tenure unless the circumstances are unavoidable.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It is a well known fact that we are giving importance to the easily available things.  In that the HOT WATER is also one.  

I am giving below the benefits of HOT WATER.

** A very good medicine for constipation.  If you cannot go easily you can drink hot water daily .
** If you ate some oil items then you cannot do any work continuously. some uneasiness will come.  At that time drink hot water slowly.  Within 30 minutes you feel very comfort.
** Which is a very good controller of cholesterol
** If you are suffering from body pain take hot water bath and drink hot water and go for sleep.  You feel fresh when you wake up.
** After coming from hot sun never drink ice / cold water.  Always go for hot water which can control your thirsty.

** Which is a very good medicine for Asthma patients.  Whenever they feel like drinking water let them drink hot water.

Drink hot water and keep your body cool and fit.

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Monday, April 8, 2013


Kamal's second daughter too is entering in to acting.  She has been invited by all the eminent director including Manirathnam's for his recent film Kadal.  But Akshara refused to act.  She is more interested in working behind the Camera.  But now she decided to act like her sister Shruthi Hasan.

One more Angel from Hasan's family entering in to Film Industry.

Welcome Akshara....
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Friday, March 22, 2013

why i gave biriyani to Nayanathara?

Rumor says after Prabhu deva's break up Nayan is now having friendship with Arya and Arya gave Biriyani to Nayanathara and they both are loving. 

But Arya refused this.  My mom's Briyani is very tasty, so he called all his friends for the fete and not only Nayanathara.  Now my mom is arranging my wedding.   I am looking for a suitable girl. 

Hmmmmmmmmmmm  let us wait and see 

Monday, January 14, 2013

VIJAY'S THAILAIVA.................

Actor Vijay with Amlapaul 

After Thuppakki release Actor vijay is  acting and directing one film.  The title is yet to finalise.  First they they thought of the name Thanga magan,  But that title is not satisfied for Vijay they thought of changing it in to Thalapathy.  But because of Thupakki Title problem , Vijay does not want to take any risk, so finally decided the title name as "THAILAVA"

The first poster has already released in Internet, The music is G.V.Prakash.  The shooting of this film is now at Mumbai

All the Vijay fans are eagerly awaiting for this Movie. 



Monday, January 7, 2013


Though Garlic is acting as a WEIGHT REDUCING  item. Now it is also control the Diabetic.  

Diabetic affects a large population through out the world and the prevalence is rapidly increasing.  Apart from the availability of medication for diabetes traditional remedies are desirable and are currently being investigated.  Garlic which is common cooking spice can be used for treating diabetic under control. 

How much a person can consume .. only 3 or 4 cloves in the morning but not in empty stomach.  After having something, you can have cut the garlic in to small pieces and swallow with water.

The results are amazing.

take and get the benefit of garlic.