Sunday, September 9, 2012


Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil.
Average people think SELFISHNESS is vice.
Average people have a lottery mentality
Average people think the road to riches is paved with formal education
Average people long for good old days
Average people see money through the eyes of emotion
Average people set low expectations so they're never disappointed
Average people live beyond their means
Average people focus on savings
Average people never make the connections between money and health.
Average people believe they must choose between a great family and being rich

Rich people think that poverty is the root of all evil.

Rich people think SELFISHNESS is a virtue
Rich people have an action mentality
Rich people believe in acquiring specific knowledge
Rich people dream of the future
Rich people think about money logically
Rich people are up for the challenge
Rich people live below theirs
Rich people focus on earning
Rich people know money can save your life. 

Rich people know you can have it all.

Always think ahead..............


  1. true.. but there is a group which is a fusion of both... few thoughts from the average and few from the rich!...the avrich pp!..:)

  2. Truth entwined in a rhythm here.Nice post.